Jul 08, 2005

TechEd 2005

Today I am at the TechEd 2005 in Amsterdam. It is really exciting here! So thank you very much for joining my presentation and for your good feedback. Basically I presented how to create a high efficient proposal management system by using multi currency. To be more precise, I showed how to integrate Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Word by using the web services of Microsoft CRM and VSTO 2005 Beta 2. If you have more questions regarding that presentation feel free to write a comment to this post. Just one more from my site: the example I showed to you is still relevant for the next Version of Microsoft CRM, because you could use the same techniques to create that kind of proposal management systems.

Have you seen the new press release regarding the next version? The future will be exciting :-) You should definitely read the English or German version of it.

By the way, I just realized that I totally forgot to introduce myself when I started to blog. So finally let me write some sentences about myself: So first, my name is Joris Kalz and working for Microsoft as a Product Solution Marketing Manager in Germany and before I started to work for Microsoft I jumped into the software business at Navision Software round about 6 years ago. At moment I live in Hamburg and I really love this great city. Here you will find some nice pictures about Hamburg: www.prachtvoll.de or www.galerie-deichstrasse.de

Friends, stay tuned!