Apr 14, 2005

PreCache Tool for Microsoft CRM or other Webapplications

Dear Microsoft CRM-Friends, listen to me:

I just found an amazing utility to speed up Microsoft CRM. Thanx to god, Microsoft CRM is using caching techniques to ensure a perfect user experience and a rapid-responding application. On the other hand it takes a few seconds when starting Microsoft CRM for the first time. But these few seconds could be very long especially when you are doing a presentation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have small tool which speed up this first access to all the Microsoft CRM pages?

Inspired by a very cute web service caching tool written by good-old-CRM-senior-guru Simon Hutson I rolled up my sleeves and wrote a few lines of code to create a small tool dedicated to all Microsoft CRM-friends: It’s name is PreCacheCRM.exe and it is waiting for you. Just download it and start it by using: “PreCacheCRM.exe crmserver” where “crmserver” is the name of your Microsoft CRM Webserver. To edit the list URLs which will be cached, edit the config-file

By the way: of course, this tool could be used in a production environment to speed up the application e.g. after launch time…

Download it at http://microsoftcrm.kalz.de/SharedFiles/PreCacheCRM.zip