Jul 27, 2005

Part II of Advanced UI Customization

Friends of Microsoft CRM! I got a lot of feedback regarding my first example. Thank you very much! And some of you sent me great suggestions how to make it better. A really smart one came from Anton Dorrestijn. He toke the basics of my example and reinvented it with much more mojo. The result is much more flexibility and it will avoid some serious issues.

Basically it works like the following:

  • Create HttpModule and tap into the OnBeginRequest event.
  • In the event handler use Response.Filter to filter the stream that is send to a client.
  • In the filter use some code to insert a link to a stylesheet
  • In the stylesheet create a 'behavior' (link to htc file) for the body element
  • In the htc file, route the ondocumentready event to an Init() function.
  • Do anything you want in the Init() function.

Sounds pretty good! Look at the picture what you can do with it:

Microsoft CRM in action

And now it's your turn: Thanx to Anton you can download the complete sample code here: Download Code Example