Feb 21, 2006

Updated version of the windows desktop seach integration

CRM-Friends! An updated version of my Windows Desktop Seach Integration for Microsoft CRM is available and is waiting for you.

Of course you could still use the old version of the WDS Integration together with Microsoft CRM 3.0. However, this example shows how to use the new API, which makes your live easier. Especially the strongly typed access to all entities makes you much more productive – I love it!

So what is it all about?

Thanx to the power of Microsoft Windows Desktop Search (WDS) it is very easy to integrate it with Microsoft CRM. By integrate Microsoft CRM with WDS users can easily search from the desktop to find any object inside of Microsoft CRM. This is just one more step to reduce the number of steps/clicks to find the relevant information. This example will show how you could integrate WDS with Microsoft CRM to make Accounts and Contacts searchable from the desktop: See the screenshot or look at the video.

Keep in mind, that this is just an example. This is for DEMO only. You should NOT use these in a production environment unless you test them. Support DOES NOT support these tools. Everything here is provided as-is with no warranty.

How to install it:

First of all, download WDS from

Windows Desktop Search

Second, download WDS .adm File for Windows Group Policy. The adm file allows you to customize your organization’s WDS setup, indexing options and search capabilities using Windows Group Policy.

Third, download WDS Administration Guide. Use the administration guide to assist with setting up, configuring and customizing WDS for your organization.

Now, install Windows Desktop Search and ensure, that the deskbar is shown.

Next download my example here: Windows Desktop Search Integration for Microsoft CRM and setup it up in a new web site:

If not yet installed, download .NET Framework 2.0 an install it.

Create a new Website because we are using .NET 2.0 for this example: Settings for this Website:

  • Windows Authentication and Port 81
  • Running under .NET 2.0
  • Create a new application pool for .NET 2.0 applications and assign it to your new website
  • Create a new virtual folder "Search" under this website and copy all files from the web project into it.

That,s it. You could test it by opening the browser with http://SERVER:81/Search/Default.aspx

Now, just add a new shortcut in the deskbar of the windows desktop search, like:

@crm, http://SERVER:81/Search/Default.aspx?q=$w

Read more about shortcuts in WDS here.

To use it, just type in "crm SEARCHSTRING" in your Microsoft Windows Desktop Search, where SEARCHSTRING is your search string.

Please let me know, what you would like to see in the next version! Greetings, Joris